Prevention Through Medical Thermography Screening in Boca Raton

Medical Thermography Screening Appointments Available M […]


Prevention Through Medical Thermography Screening in Boca Raton

Medical Thermography Screening Appointments Available March 31, 2015 10am 5pm Ashley Ageloff Certified Thermographic Technician Book your appointment today. CALL 561-330-7579. Breast thermography was discovered in 1956 in Montreal, Canada and rapidly became popular throughout the world. It was FDA cleared as an adjunctive screening procedure for breast cancer in 1982. Recent advancements in technology have produced even more accurate exams. A 2008 study published in the American Journal of Surgery, performed at New York Presbyterian Hospital Cornell, showed a 97% sensitivity in discriminating cancer compared to biopsy.

BeautySmart MD Welcomes Erica Meyers Makeup Artist With Jennifer Bradley Co to Our Boca Raton Facility

Erica Meyers, has been in the makeup industry just shy of a decade assisting her clientele with many celebrated moments of their lives. What separates Erica is knowing how to ensure her clients are comfortable in their own skin. It’s not about how much is applied, it’s about how your makeup is applied. Erica’a techniques prove you can still look and feel like you while makeup just ads that extra touch. A passion for creativity and expression allows Artistre Makeup artist Erica Meyers to enhance her clients’ inner beauty by highlighting their exterior. Jennifer Bradley Co. is a Medical Grade Skincare and Innovative Professional Cosmetic Company. Having had the pleasure to have been mentored and has worked alongside Jennifer Bradley herself, you will be in good hands with me while experiencing your exclusive 90 minute makeup 101 session. says Erica. ONLY $35.00!!! 90 Minute Makeup Tutorial Value of $135.00 To book your class Contact 631-671-7498 or email artistremakeup@g

Third Thursday Event of March: Alternative to Mammogram… Ever Heard of Thermography?

Have you ever heard of  Thermography? Are you curious?M […]

Announcing Dr. John DeLuca MD Joining the BeautySmart MD Healthy and Beauty Team

Dr. John DeLuca has dedicated his entire life to the study and practice of Health, Wellness and Longevity. He is a Medical Doctor who is board certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine, and had attained certifications in Anti-Aging Medicine, Hyperbaric Medicine, Nutrition, Strength & Conditioning, Pain Management and Manipulation under Anesthesia. Dr. DeLuca is a member of the Age Management Medicine Group, the Institute of Functional Medicine, the American College for the Advancement of Medicine, and the Undersea Hyperbaric Medical Society. He is on the the Medical Advisory Board of Life Extension Foundation. Prior to attending medical school, Dr. DeLuca was a practicing chiropractor in NJ for ten years, with emphasis in nutrition, exercise, pain management and rehabilitation. He was a clinical instructor for Activator Methods Chiropractic Technique for many years. In addition to Internal and Integrative Medicine, his professional interests include Age Management and Rejuv